The lines of the 12 metre Chancegger, designed by Britton Chance as a trial horse and inspiration for the home grown French America’s Cup challenger of 1970. Conceived outside of the rules for AC competition, Chancegger acted only as a pace boat for France. Chancegger is effectively the first 12 of the second generation boats that started with Intrepid in 1967 with a bustle and separate rudder. As such her extremely fair lines are interesting – devoid of bow bumps and rule ‘cheating’ rudder fairings, which would appear on all the 1970 generation 12’s – apart from Gretel II.

It would be fascinating, care of the rejuvenated 12 metre racing fleets to see how Chancegger would perform against the 12’s such as Courageous, Enterprise and Freedom. Her lineage is more akin to these boats than to the less successful 1970 countries concepts embodied in Valiant, Heritage and Brit’s own remodelling of Intrepid.


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