Crystal Church

Star Bridge Design

39, route de Portalban, 1567 Delley (Switzerland)

Crystal Church.

In this building design we are pushing the boundaries, exploring the beautiful aspects of timeless classic architecture being married to modern materials, but achieving a structure with significant symbolic resonance and iconic status.

For a vision of architectural significance you need look no further than the design of classic churches. Their symbolism and beauty are well understood throughout history.

Our vision is to harness this traditional sense of comfort and security provided by many churches, but opening it up to let the light flood throughout the structure. The church will be constructed using a combination of glass, steel and crystal. The building will quite literally shine either in the sunlight or from light within.

What will set this stunning glass structure apart from other buildings is the use of glass and crystal to define the classic proportions of an Historic Church. It will be iconic and modern.

The concept of transparency and light flooding throughout the structure adds to the connectiveness of the church with the people. It embraces openness and clarity.

Julian Everitt CEO 2016