I built Shaved Fish as a wedding present for my beautiful wife to be, Julia.

She raced Shaved Fish with great success in 1979 before embarking on a two year campaign with Glass Onion – a sistership.image

9 thoughts on “8888

  1. Hi

    I sailed the shaved fish in Cornwall for a lot of my youth and would love to track the boat down with a view to buying her.
    Do you know of her whereabouts??
    Steve George


  2. Hi Steve, great to hear from you as an ex sailor of Shaved Fish. I wish I knew where she was too. Be great to see her out racing in the Mini Ton class against her sister ships including Glass Onion and Shallot. I hope you can find her. Perhaps a “where is she now” campaign on social media would do the trick!


  3. Julian

    I have messaged you on facebook but i’m terribly good with all that stuff. I have tried in vain to find the Fish but not been successful , however I have tracked down Shallot which appears to be owned by a guy called Eric Reynolds who I believe you were partners with. would you have a contact for Eric?
    Owning Shallot would be the next best thing to owning Shaved Fish.



    1. Steve,
      I have raced Shallot quite a lot in recent years. I could arrange to show you over her if you give me a call. She is currently in London. Best number to get me on is 07765048922



  4. Hi,
    Don’t know if this is any help but I came across a comment on Shaved Fish when doing some reading about Everitt designs over the summer (I recently acquired “Kermit”, an Eliminator-32, so have been trying to find out a bit more about her and any stable-mates!).
    Anyway- from a minitonner forum a couple of years ago (Nov ’14), when Toy Yot was mentioned as for sale:


    “Is Shaved Fish sitting in the boatyard near Monkstown in Cork Harbour? Yellow Hull?”

    Might be worth a couple of phone calls- there can’t be that many boatyards in the area with yacht storage, can there?



    1. Hi. Thank you for the tip off regarding Shaved Fish. I’ll do some research based on your info.
      Delighted to hear that you are now the owner of an Eliminator 32. There is more info on the design in Sailboatdata.com. Also I get some postings on my Facebook page recently regarding Eliminator 11. Be delighted if you wanted to post any pictures of Kermit.
      Best wishes



  5. Hi,
    Tried to leave a comment but don’t know if it was logged, can’t see it.

    There was a comment in Nov. ’14 on this minitonner forum (below), suggesting Shaved Fish was in a boatyard near Cork (and had been for some time?)

    Might be worth a few phone calls to see if anyone knows if it was her and where she is now?


    W. (recently acquired “Kermit”, Eliminator 32)


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