6 thoughts on “Foxhunter 28

  1. Hi Julian, I viewed this boat at the weekend, however I can’t find anything about the design on the internet. Is it possible for it to sit on its keel? ie: on a drying mooring? -this would open up possibilities for locating the boat.


  2. Hi Gary, the particular Foxhunter in the photograph has a winged lifting keel. Is this the version you are looking at? This boat was originally configured for a client who kept her on a drying mooring at Christchurch. As with any drying mooring it is obviously better, the more sheltered it is, but of course it is essential that the ‘bottom’ is devoid of obstructions. The original owner didn’t experience any problems with the boat drying out with the keel raised.


      1. Hi Julian, Sorry!! I was looking at the reply on my phone and misread it. yes it is that boat, thanks 🙂


  3. Hi Julian,
    Further to your reply, if the boat was to temporarily dry on a flat surface with no additional support, would it be safe to be on the boat while it was balanced on its keel? – ie; if we failed to get back to our berth on a falling tide and were left dry on the estuary.


  4. Hi Gary, That really would depend on the weather. As long as the sea state was reasonably flat and it wasn’t too windy then the situation you describe would be fine. But if you needed to move around the boat freely while she was dried out then I would suggest some additional side ways support while the boat is high and dry.


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