4 thoughts on “Diplomat Quarter Tonner

  1. Dear Julian,

    Did 0090 Diplomat ever get built? I viewed one of your Magnum 27’s in Poole yesterday – a lifting keel version with a cassette rudder system. So presumably specc’d for a drying mooring? Or was the keel designed for downwind retraction?

    All good wishes,

    Rob Gray


    1. Hi Rob, Yes Diplomat was built as a one off. Still trying to track her down – somewhere in the desert!! The Magnum with the lifting keel was built for an owner on the east coast so very much for drying moorings and trailering. Definitely not for lifting under sail! Potentially a good boat. Closely related to Magnum Evolution and capable with the Quarter Ton rules to be similarly upgraded if required. Be very interested to hear if you go ahead with the purchase. julianeveritt@everittdesign.co.uk


      1. Julian,

        Many thanks for your swift reply. Very interesting and as I surmised a ‘drying’ mooring spec. But some QT’s of that era did indeed (as you are immensely better qualified to tell me) had centerboards and internal ballast until whacked on rating. I have a carbon Gonzales boat COTE which won the ‘new’ cup in previous hands and is sistership to AVE which won back in the day. I have never been in love with it.

        So far I have managed to bring in several people to the class inc the current class champion a friend to whom I sold AGUILA and I also then bought BLACKFUN which (stupidly) I subsequently sold to another pal. She (you will know) is a Davidson and lllonnng – before the rule change. I sold her because she is very narrow and I am very tall and seeing through 4 heads of people dim enough to crew for me was hard. I also bought FLASHHEART and gave her to some lads with more time than money and she is now a regular.

        I, along with many others, admire the Corinthinan MAGNUM EVOLUTION which comes out regularly with a demon rating and great enthusiasm – and very low maintenance as long as you don’t drop copper change in the bilge.

        There are a few of us, like you, looking for the many lost and forgotten orphans. My only concern is that the class is getting bifurcated financially – but that is another issue.

        On the Magnum 27, a very nice lad who has it. She, like so many of your designs, is very pretty and she has a bit of beam (rather more forward perhaps than the Faruoux Bullets/its) which appears essential with the modern rigs unless you have a narrow Blackfun with a non-IOR rounded entry. You are well aware that the buying is the easy bit and the upgrading is the wallet pounding part. Still mulling what could be done to her – Magnum Evolution is super-long but the Magnum 27 is 8 metres I believe.

        Rob G


  2. Hi Rob,
    Look forward to hearing from you if you go ahead with Magnum. I think she is called Opus?
    You are right about the length. Around 26ft compared to Magnum Evolution which is just under 28ft. All the extra length is in the stern overhang which was done to maximise on the IOR rule as it was in 1979.


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