7 thoughts on “Extrovert 22

  1. Very interesting to see the photographs of the building of the Extrovert 22. I was working at Linklaters then as Contracts Manager. The fist boat went to Brian Cook at Royal Northumberland Yacht Club and tjhe second was Dalton Lionklater’s own boat. I well remember doing the Tamatin series with Dalton, living aboard and freezing each night as the boat had no insulation at that time.


      1. I left Linklaters in about 1980 and moved to Scotland in about 1991. So lost contact with Dalton. I believe that he died a few years ago.


  2. Great to see other Extrovert 22 pictures. I have one myself. Last sailed on the West Coast of Scotland 18 years ago and has sat on a trailer ever since. Family now moving on so hope to start restoring and getting back on the water soon. I’m going to need a new mast though. Ideas on where to get one would be welcome?


  3. Updating my Extrovert ( E.T. ) at the moment. Bought in early 80,s at Holy Island. Should be back in the water this year.


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