A Special Thank You

To all these naval architects, designers, artists and engineers who have worked for Everitt Design Group over the years to make it what it is today and to help produce many memorable projects.
John Stafford Billings, Paul Sitton, David Dry, Jon Sanders, Alex Laird, Peter Wouda, Claes Randholm, Julia Dane, Nick Butcher, Paul Atkins, Tim Sparling, Vincent Gaffney, Richard Hames, Marcus Evans, Jason Kerr, Chris Everitt, Ralph Peterson, Will Hardcastle, Nigel Colley, Peter Nunn, Chris Sherlicker, John Corby, Michael Fraser, Chris Frampton, James Carley, Chris Locke, Rupert Symons, Michael Blandford, Sydney Rawlings, Chris Gunter, Roland Whitehead, Christian Stimson, David Shieh, Ian Furniss.
And of course to all the manufacturers, boatbuilders, equipment suppliers, sailmakers, sparmakers, riggers, copy writers who have helped bring all of our drawings, sketches and doodles to life.
And all of our owners, past and present, around the world who, we hope, have enjoyed our work.

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